Doula Support



If you are considering booking me, please take a look around my website, check out my social media (@SankofaMama on IG and Sankofa Mama Birth Services on Facebook) and then let’s schedule a complimentary consultation. You are inviting me to play a role in a very intimate time in your life: the expansion of your heart, mind, soul and family. The consultation is a get-to-know you session for us both. Usually by the end of this time together, we are clear on whether or not we will work together. This step is important, so please prepare to ask any questions you need to about me, birth and babies. Please also make note of any cultural or spiritual concerns or preferences relating to your pregnancy, birth or postpartum that you’d like to discuss.

During your pregnancy...

During your pregnancy, I provide emotional and physical support to you, according to your needs. This can include calming meditation and breathing sessions, as well as providing you with positive affirmations for pregnancy and labor. I can also help you create a birth plan, as well as a plan for postpartum support and provide referrals for chiropractors, midwives, lactation support, placenta encapsulation, classes and more. I will also work with your partner or primary birth support person so they learn comfort measures and other ways in which they can support you during labor and into your postpartum season. 

On baby's b(earth)day...

I will be by your side providing physical, emotional and informational support throughout labor and for a reasonable time thereafter. I will assist you with the first breastfeeding latch and I will be available to you for follow-up support during your initial recovery and bonding period to answer any questions you may have about the birth or your baby. At 1-week postpartum, I will conduct a follow-up visit at your home.

Postpartum Care...

Breastfeeding/Pumping Assistance
Meal Preparation
Light Household Maintenance
Infant Care