Certified Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® Practitioner

I believe fear and trauma associated with birth have occupied valuable space in our hearts and minds for too long. It's time to escape the birth matrix!

HypnoBirthing is more than a childbirth method; it is a philosophy based on the psychological, spiritual and physical well-being of you, baby and birth partner. It's not about home birth vs birthing center vs hospital birth. It's about securing peace within yourself that frames your reality, unaffected by venue or circumstances. Through knowledge of self, breathwork, meditation, visualization, affirmation and mindful nutrition and fitness, the experience of birth can be a gentle, yet powerful moment of truth that reverberates throughout yours and your new baby's life.

Whether you prefer a group setting with other like-minded folks, or a private setting with just me, a HypnoBirthing® course will help you to not only prepare for a gentle birth, but to help you enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy and postpartum.