The #100BlackMamas Project

I was inspired by the efforts of the organizers of Black Maternal Health Week to launch the 100 BLACK MAMAS birth education project as a response to the systemic racism that facilitates the alarmingly high Black maternal mortality rate.

There are many factors that contribute to Black mothers in America dying at a rate exponentially higher than any other race; these are the big tree to my proverbial small axe. I am undaunted by the task though, understanding that tenacity and passion are key to this mission. The services that can make a difference in Black maternal health outcomes exist. Birth education and doula support are not luxuries; every birthing person deserves both without question. It takes resources to make the connection between the service and the people that need it. Your donation to this project bridges that gap, covering the cost of class tuition and materials for Black mothers seeking to prepare for the birth of their babies in the light of knowledge.

The featured course for 100 BLACK MAMAS is Essentials 4 Birth Prep (E4BP), an original curriculum developed from my experiences as a birth worker and as a Black mother myself. Offered as group class sessions, students have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded families preparing to embark upon the parenting journey. Utilizing a virtual classroom format further levels the playing field, allowing me to offer E4BP to Black mamas wherever they are in the world. Upon completion of the class, many students have extended our working relationship by becoming my doula clients or consulting with me during pregnancy or the postpartum period. The goal of 100 BLACK MAMAS is to enroll 100 students monthly for E4BP from April 2021-July 2021, knowing that touching their lives during pregnancy leaves an indelible mark on their birth stories and, ultimately, their lives.